Why Your IP-based Tool Isn’t Identifying as Many Visitors

IP lookup tools are still common for modern B2B selling, but the transformation to a work from home culture has been a big challenge to their effectiveness.

The reality is only 10% of businesses have an IP address registered to them so the technology already misses 90% of all businesses. With large numbers of people moving to a work at home situation for all or part of their work week, how many of those 10% are still hitting your website from their office? 

To see how it may be impacting your business, compare how many hits you received last month to the number of companies identified.


So how do you uncover your web visitors in 2020?

The answer is visitor level tracking using Identity Resolution.

Identity resolution gives you a crystal ball into your website where you can see the actual individual visitors.

Does IP matter? The answer is no. Identity Resolution uses persistent identifiers, like a cell phone device ID.  These identifiers are tied to the person, not the company. This allows you to see who is visiting even if they are working from home. Let’s say, for example, that someone visits your website from home. You’ll know who that person is, by name, contact info and LinkedIn profile.

Let’s say they are working from their office at Microsoft. Microsoft has 156,000 employees. Identity resolution gives you the needle, the person within Microsoft on your website.

IP would only give you the haystack… Only the company

Thanks to Visitor InSites, you have the needle. Closable sales leads.

Why Settle for the Haystack?

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