Visitor InSites VS IP Based Identifiers

IP based visitor identifiers have been around for more than 10 years. This technology was revolutionary in it’s time, but IP resolution only identifies the company, assuming the company has a unique IP address. That only represents about 10% of businesses.

IP resolution drawbacks:

  1. Who, specifically, at that business was on your website?
  2. It can’t identify people working from home
  3. Only large companies have a registered IP address
  4. We are moving to a work from home economy so most people are not on their business’s IP.

IP Identifiers Give You The Haystack

Visitor InSites Gives You The Needle

Visitor InSites

Visitor InSites does not use IP addresses to identify web visitors.

Visitor InSites uses an advanced technology called Identity Resolution.

Visitor InSites Provides:

  • Visitor’s Full Name
  • Visitor’s Email
  • Visitors Phone
  • Visitors LinkedIn
  • Visitors Company
  • Visitors Title
  • Pages Visited

Identity resolution allows you to to see the actual person visiting your website, by name, not just a company 

Knowledge is Power

Visitor InSites Identity Resolution puts you in control…

  • Know which customers to engage first by knowing which ones are most likely to buy so you can build revenues more quickly.
  • Keep your best sales people working on pure sales opportunities and not prospecting blindly
  • Improve conversions by knowing which products and services to start the conversation with.
  • Reduced marketing costs by hyper-focusing your marketing spend on prospects that are already in the market
Visitor InSites VS IP Resolution

Which Would You Rather Have?