The Power of Identity Resolution

Increase Leads and Sales with Maximum ROI on your marketing spend.

Knowledge is Power

Visitor InSites Identity Resolution puts you in control...  

... of your visitor data

... of your communication strategies

... of your marketing spend

... of your ROI

Turn anonymous website visitors into real people you can market to directly.

Why Is Identity Resolution Important?

Identity Resolution with Visitor InSites allows you to market to a specific, real person who was on your website, looking for what you have to offer.  Only 3% of your website visitors will fill out your contact form.  Wouldn't you like to know who the other 97% are? 

Visitor InSites turns anonymous website visitors into real people you can market to directly— wherever they are both online and offline. 

A cryptographic has is like a fingerprint, permanent and the same across devices and platforms.

Identity Resolution vs. Cookie Re-targeting

Identity Resolution gives you control.  Cookies are device and  platform specific.  They only work on the device being used at the time and can be wiped out when the user clears the cache.  A Facebook cookie is owned by Facebook. It only works on Facebook and has an expiration that Facebook controls.  

With cookies the user and the platform have all the power. 

Visitor InSites captures a user's cryptographic hash - the Internet's specific user ID.  It's like their internet fingerprint.  Once you gather it, you own it and it identifies that specific user across all platforms on whichever device they use.  

With Visitor InSites you are in control.

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