New Sales Leads Are As Close As Lighting Up Your Dark Sales Funnel

Have you heard of The Dark Sales funnel?  It’s a relatively new term for sales prospects that you don’t know about. They are in the market for what you sell and have even been to your website, but you don’t know who they are … and they could be your greatest source of new sales

So how do you bring them to light? 

Studies show that as much as 67% of buyers do their research online, anonymously. They search the web for information about the problem they are having and possible solutions.  When they are ready, they reach out to a vendor.  Sometimes it’s the one they feel fits their needs, but often it’s the one who’s marketing caught their eye, or worse, the last one they visited. 

The dark sales funnel

Don't leave great prospects in your dark sales funnel.

Almost a quarter of your prospects have already made their decision before they reach out to a sales person.  

– CSO Insights

In fact, according to CSO Insights buyers are waiting until they are well into their buyer’s journey to engage a sales person.

      70.2% of buyers wait until after they have fully defined their needs

       44.2% wait until after they have identified solutions

      22.2% only contact a sales person to lock down details.   

That’s almost a quarter of your prospects that have already made their decision before they reach out to a sales person. 

Online research guides their buying decision but if you don’t know who they are, your only impact is the messaging on your website.  Even if your website is compelling, it’s a one-way conversation.  Unless you can identify them early, you have no opportunity to influence their buying decision until much of their decision has already been made.  That is, if they choose to reach out to you at all.  


These are great prospects that you don’t know about and can’t influence.  
They are dark sales funnel opportunities.  

The earlier in their buyer’s journey you can engage a prospect the better chance you have to win the deal.  Early engagement allows you to be involved in defining needs and tailor a solution to meet their specific needs.  If they aren’t reaching out to you in this early stage, how do you get involved early.  You need to be able to identify them in this critical research phase of the buyer’s journey. 

Visitor InSites gives you the ability to see who the specific people researching anonymously for what you sell, by name, contact info and LinkedIn profile, even if they are working at home.   Once you know who these dark funnel prospects are you can market to them, reach out to them and engage them.  You can begin a two way conversation with them early in their process.  It gives you a chance to get involved earlier in their decision making process.

This is a huge strategic advantage over your competition and gives you the ability to close low hanging fruit you never knew existed.


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