Identity Resolution 101

Identity Resolution is the process of combining multiple unique identifiers across devices to build a cohesive, omnichannel view of your target market, so you can reach them online and offline.

Identity resolution tools tie online behavior to an individual’s unique identity, giving companies the information they need to hone in on their target market with personalized offers that lead to higher ROI and ROAS.

As people move across devices, cell phones, tablets, home, and work computers throughout the day. Identity resolution allows us to know Person A is the same person on all devices.

Identity Resolution works by resolving all data points, which collected by first, second, and third-parties.

Identity Resolution Multiple Devices

Identify Web Visitors No Matter the Device or Location

Almost a quarter of your prospects have already made their decision before they reach out to a sales person.  

– CSO Insights

How Marketing and Sales Teams Can Utilize Identity Resolution

This is where Visitor InSites can help. Visitor InSites can deploy Identity Resolution technology on your website, identifying web visitors no matter where they are or what device they are on. You’ll receive the name and contact info of your prospects.

Identity Resolution can provide information far beyond an IP address like older web visitor identifiers.

This enables sales and marketing teams to have a conversation with the exact people looking for what they sell

  • 98% of web visitors never fill out a contact form.
  • Over 70% of the buyers journey is done online anonymously.
  • 22.2% only contact a sales person to lock down details.   

That’s almost a quarter of your prospects that have already made their decision before they reach out to a sales person. 

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