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People Based Marketing 

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Lead Generation is fundamentally changing. Is your marketing strategy adapting?

 B2B lead generation is rapidly changing with AI Technologies becoming a driving force.  Traditional strategies of cold calling, mass emails, and SEO are becoming obsolete.  Businesses that don’t pivot their methods of lead gen to AI will have to compete against these new technologies.  We can help you leverage AI and get in more early stage sales opportunities, before your competition even knows they exist.

People Based Marketing Solutions

A crystal ball giving you insight into the buying intent of individuals in your market

Demand Insights

Imagine having a crystal ball that tells you when anyone in your database is in the market for what you have to offer.  Demand Insights uses identity resolution, behavior tracking and machine learning to monitor your database and alert you the minute any of them are in market.  

  • Monitor your prospect pool for early stage lead generation and get to them while they are still in the research phase of their buyer's journey
  • Monitor your client base to identify potential churn before it's too late to save the account 
  • Identify when a client is searching for other solutions you offer to maximize their lifetime value.  

Know exactly what's happening in your market place the minute it happens

Identify specific people that visit your website and market to them on any platform

Visitor InSites

 Everyday prospects visit your website.
They are actively looking for what you are selling. They’re in your sales funnel and preparing to buy. Your marketing should be focused on them and people who look exactly like them. The problem is, they didn’t fill out your contact form so you don’t know who they are   ...But we can tell you.

Visitor InSites Identity Resolution tells you who's on your website and gives you the power to market to them where ever they are... both online and off.

Behavior Tracking, Machine Learning and Identity Resolution that generates qualified sales leads

Funnel Builder AI

Don't have a database to monitor?  Funnel Builder AI identifies specific people who are in the market for what you have to offer while they are still in the research phase of the buying cycle.  Imagine the power of getting your message in front of those buyers before your competition does, even if they never visit your website.

Until now this technology was out of reach for the average company.  
Funnel Builder AI  provides the power of big data in a cost effective solution. Our  technology uses identity resolution, behavioral tracking and machine learning to give you highly accurate, hyper-targeted lists of buyers in your market right now that you can use for marketing campaigns across virtually all channels, both online and off... all while complying with privacy rules.   

Funnel Builder AI puts the power of People Based Marketing in your hands

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